USJP links with Korea Brain Research Institute paving way to cutting edge research on Neuroscience

The World Class University Project of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, through the involvement of Prof. Ranil de Silva, initiated a joint venture between the USJP and the Korea Brain Research Institute (KBRI), South Korea by entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two entities.

This unique achievement will provide an opening towards exchange of students, faculty members and researchers with the objective of realizing research projects and joint publications in areas of human neurodegenerative diseases and neuroscience and the utilization of the brain bank facilities available at both institutes. Thereby, the MoU will facilitate;

  • Exchange of academy and research information material
  • Joining academic activities with lecture, seminars, workshops and collaboration
  • Academic corporation between the brain banks of the Parties

The Vice Chancellor of the USJP, Prof. SampathAmaratunge signed the MoU on behalf of the USJP and Prof. Kyungjin Kim, the President of the KBRI signed on behalf of the KBRI while Prof. Ranil de Silva, Director of the World Class University Project signed in witness to the signing of the MoU. The signing ceremony was held at the KBRI on the 07th August 2017, with the participation of the Prof. de Silva during his academic visit of to South Korea from the 31st July- 10th August 2017.

KBRI, is the national brain research institute of Korea, and one of the world’s leading brain research organization. Dedicated to research in the areas of human neurodegenerative diseases and neuroscience, aims to become the hub of the brain research in South Korea. The newly implemented Cutting-edge Brain Research Equipment Center is equipped with world-class brain research equipment providing a unique experience tonational and international researchers.

Official website of the KBRI can be accessed through

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