Symposium on Interlacing Engineering Research 2023 Held by the Faculty of Engineering, USJ

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura hosted a symposium aimed at facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers on 28th of February 2023 at the University Senate Board Room. The symposium attracted researchers from diverse engineering fields and backgrounds, enabling them to connect and engage in conversations about their current research projects.

The symposium also provided a platform for the advancement of the engineering field as a whole, with attendees being exposed to new ideas and perspectives, as well as opportunities to enhance their skills. The event was also a chance for undergraduate students to showcase their talents and nurture their creativity, confidence, and motivation.

The symposium included invited talks from renowned academics, including Dr. Arjuna Madanayake from Florida International University, USA, Dr. Sirani M. Perera from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA, and Eng. Sanath Panawenna, Director General & Chief Executive Officer at Arthur C. Clark Institute, Sri Lanka. The talks covered a wide range of topics, including artificial intelligence, microelectronics research, and energy planning.

The agenda included a welcome speech by Dr. Thilaksiri Bandara, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, USJ, and an address by the Guest of Honour, Prof. Upul Subasinghe, Acting Vice-Chancellor, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. The Chief Guest, Snr. Prof. Sampath Amarathunga, Chairman, University Grant Commission, also delivered an address. Other speakers discussed topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Microelectronics Research for Wireless Communications and Computation, and Holistic & Integrated Energy Planning. There was also a talent show featuring undergraduate students and a panel discussion on “Convergence in Research.”

The symposium ended with a panel discussion on “Convergence in Research” led by Prof. Chaminda Konthesingha, with panelists Dr. Dhanushka Udayanga, Dr. Bhagya Nathali Silva, Dr. Gaya Jayakodi, and Dr. Surani Tissera. The event was moderated by Dr. Niranji Satanarachchi, Dr. Nadika Jayasooriya, Dr. Shyam Kularathna, and Dr. Dulini Yasara Mudunkotuwa.

The symposium is organized by a scientific committee consisting of Dr. Thilaksiri Bandara, Dr. Sirani M. Perera, and Dr. Niranji Satanarachchi, with co-chairs Dr. Nishan Dharmaweera, Dr. Udaya Wijenayake, and Dr. Uditha Wijewardhana. The technical committee includes Dr. Dulini Yasara Mudunkotuwa, Dr. Shyam Kularathna, Dr. Sameera Samarasekara, Dr. Nadika Jayasooriya, Dr. Vidura Jayasooriya, Ms. Umaya Balagalla, Ms. Chamali Gamage, and Mr. Deshan Kalupahana.

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