Benz Bionic car and other Biomimetic Designs for Automobile Engineering – Review by FOT scientists

Biomimetics, in other words imitating life, is a creative form of technology that mimics nature in various developments that improve the quality of life of people. Biomimetics is not a novel concept but has been used since the beginning of human inventions. In recent times, extensive engagement of biomimetics has been noticed in the development of products and behaviours in the fields of science, commerce, and arts. At the moment, the automobile research community seeks to develop systematic methodologies to practice biomimetic concepts in automobile engineering. For example, designers in the automobile industry and research are adopting the shapes of birds and fish when developing optimized shapes to overcome aerodynamic resistance. Taking this concept into account, the mercedes-Benz company has introduced a vehicle named the bionics car, which has a shape inspired by a boxfish. This is one of the most popular biomimetic research in recent times. Furthermore, taking a step forward, in recent times, biomimicry has been adopted in under-hood components and surface microstructures in automobiles. For instance, liquid cooling modules inspired by human respiratory systems, hydrated lubrication mechanisms found in natural articular cartilage, nature-inspired cooling fans, self-cleaning paints and self-healing coatings have been noticed in the literature.

The state-of-art biomimetic design approaches that have been and can be used in automobile design is explored by the paper titled, “Biomimetic Designs for Automobile Engineering: A Review”, which was published in International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering (IJAME), September 2021. In this article, Eng. Isira Wijegunawardana and Eng. W.R. de Mel from the Department of Materials and Mechanical Technology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura have revealed the current research interests and highlighted the areas with a deficit of research that is required to be addressed extensively in the future.

The article can be accessed using the following link: Biomimetic Designs for Automobile Engineering: A Review


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