Annual Research Awards Ceremony 2015

Initiated in 2015, the Annual Research Awards Ceremony is a much awaited occasion in the university wherein the academia is recognized and awarded for their groundbreaking findings and outstanding excellence in the field of research. University of Sri Jayewardenepura, thus far has four well established laboratories and other emerging laboratories and it encourages academic research at all times. This ceremony is held with the intention of disseminating such findings to the public sphere while promoting and persuading further expansion of the same.

The Annual Research Awards Ceremony 2016 was held in much grandeur on 29th September 2016 from 6 pm onwards at the Golden Rose, Boralesgamuwa.

The Research Grants provided throughout the years have been mounting higher and higher due to the need of the hour and as a result the mere 55 number of grants provided last year worth 69 million has by 2016 reached up to 74 grants with 123 million rupees invested. Furthermore the research awards presented by the Research Council has also rocket up to 798 marking a 50% overall increase. In addition, the launching of “Vidyodaya Vision” the initial research manual of the university also took place on this very special day.

One researcher having highest citations for the year and one researcher having the highest h-index were selected to be awarded last year however; the council increased the number up to three academics from each category to be awarded in the year 2016. Thus the following were awarded accordingly;

Researcher having the highest citations for the year 2015 [Three (03) awards for each faculty]

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. S.C.B. Heenkenda – Citations  05

Dr.H.A.G. Sujeewa – Citations 11

Prof. (Mrs.) C.A.D. Nahallage – Citations  20

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Dr. T.G.I.  Fernando – Citations 84

Senior Prof. (Mrs.) S. Weerakoon  – Citations 90

Dr. N.M.S. Sirimuthu – Citations 122

Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

Prof. K.D. Gunawardena – Citations  14

Senior Prof. H.H.D.N.P. Opatha – Citations  19

Dr. (Mrs.) P.G.S.A. Jayarathna – Citations 28

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Prof. (Mrs.) J.K.P.Wanigasuriya – Citations 71

Prof. (Mrs.) S.S.N. Fernando –  Citations  78

Prof. (Mrs.) G.N. Malavige – Citations 202

Faculty of Technology

Dr. N.A. Weerasekara –  Citations  12

Dr. B.H.A.K.T. Ariyadasa  – Citations  12

Dr. A.M.R.G. Athapaththu – Citations 22


Three Researchers’ from each faculty with the highest h-index were also recognized at this occasion.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. H.A.G. Sujeewa –   h-index  2

Prof. (Mrs.) C.A.D. Nahallage – h-index   8

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Prof. Pathmalal M. Manage – h-index   12

Prof. P.M. Jayaweera – h-index   13

Dr. N.M.S. Sirimuthu  – h-index   13

Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

Prof. K.D. Gunawardena  –  h-index  5

Dr. (Mrs.) C. Hewagamage –  h-index  5

Senior Prof. H.H.D.N.P. Opatha  –  h-index  7

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Prof. (Mrs.) S.S.N. Fernando – h-index   12

Prof. S.B. Gunatilake –  h-index 14

Prof. (Mrs.) G.N. Malavige – h-index  20

Faculty of Technology

Dr. B.H.A.K.T. Ariyadasa – h-index 3

Dr. (Mrs.) A.H.L.R. Nilmini –  h-index 4

Dr. A.M.R.G. Athapaththu –  h-index  4


Thereafter the External Research Grants were also presented;

External Research Grants (2010-2015)

Faculty of Applied Sciences                                        Rs. (Millions) 37

Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce       Rs. (Millions) 1

Facuty of Medical & Allied Health Sciences            Rs. (Millions) 14


Summary- Department wise:

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Department of Botany                                     Rs. (Millions) 5

Department of Statistics                                 Rs. (Millions) 3

Department of zoology                                   Rs. (Millions) 30


Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

Department of Human Resource Management Rs. (Millions) 1.01


Faculty of Medical Sciences

Department of Allied Health Sciences         Rs. (Millions) 2

Department of Anatomy                                 Rs. (Millions) 2

Department of Biochemistry                          Rs. (Millions) 9

Department of Microbiology                          Rs. (Millions) 0.3

Department of Parasitology                            Rs. (Millions) 0.4

Department of Physiology                               Rs. (Millions) 0.7

Researchers’ were then ranked in the Webometrics Database and the following were recognized as a result,

Prof. G. NeelikaMalavige h-index : 18 Department of Microbiology
Dr.  NarayanaSirimuthu h-index : 13 Department of Chemistry
Prof. Pradeep M. Jayaweera h-index : 13 Department of Chemistry
Prof. Sirimali Fernando h-index : 12 Department of Microbiology
Prof. M.M. Pathmalal h-index : 12 Department of Zoology
Prof. BalangodaSinghakumara h-index : 11 Department of Forestry & Environmental Sciences
Prof. Ranil De Silva h-index  : 11 Department of Anatomy
Prof. S.S.N. Fernando h-index : 10 Department ofMicrobiology


Emeritus Professors having h- index of 10 or more than 10 who were awarded are as follows,

Emeritus Professors having h- index of 10 or more than 10

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Department : Biochemistry

Professor E.R. Jansz                           h-index 16

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Department : Chemistry

Professor. A.M. Abeysekera               h-index 10

Thereafter the Departments which had the highest average h-index for the year 2016 were also recognized,

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Rank 05           Department of Political Science                                 Average h-index : 0.11

Rank 04           Department of English                                                Average h-index : 0.22

Rank 03           Department of Economics                                          Average h-index : 0.30

Rank 02           Department of Sociology & Anthropology              Average h-index : 0.50

Rank 01           Department of Geography                                          Average h-index : 0.91

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Rank 05           Department of Chemistry                                           Average h-index : 1.23

Rank 04           Department of Statistics                                             Average h-index : 1.25

Rank 03           Department of Zoology                                               Average h-index : 1.45

Rank 02           Department of Forestry & Environmental Sciences   Average h-index : 1.60

Rank 01           Department of Computer Science                              Average h-index : 2.00

Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

Rank 05           Department of Decision Sciences                                 Average h-index : 0.31

Rank 04           Department of Information Technology                     Average h-index : 0.40

Rank 03           Department of Estate Management & Valuation       Average h-index :0 .44

Rank 02           Department of Marketing Management                      Average h-index : 0.58

Rank 01           Department of Human Resource Management          Average h-index : 0.67

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Rank 05           Department of Physiology                                          Average h-index : 0.80

Rank 04           Department of Biochemistry                                      Average h-index : 2.38

Rank 03           Department of Medicine                                             Average h-index :2.38

Rank 02           Department of Parasitology                                        Average h-index : 2.50

Rank 01           Department of Microbiology                                      Average h-index : 3.13

Faculty of Technology

Rank 01           Department of Bio Systems Technology                    Average h-index : 1.33

Faculty of Engineering

Rank 01           Department of Electrical & Electronics                      Average h-index : 2.00

The Best Young Researcher was an award presented to a promising young below the age of 40 and it was awarded to Dr. Kamal Chandima Jeewandara of the Department of Family Medicine at the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

The Vice Chancellor’s award examined by an external panel appointed by the research council following the CVCD guidelines was the final yet most exciting award for the evening. Herein the Citations were presented by Prof. M.M. Pathmalal, Departmet of Zoology and Prof. Sagarika Ekanayake from Department of Biochemistry was presented with this prestigious award.


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